Build a brand that earns income...even while you sleep.

Creating a profitable personal brand doesn’t require any lucky pennies or avoiding broken mirrors. There’s a proven strategy any determined entrepreneur can follow to make it successful.

You have something you want to share with the world–a powerful message. 

Imagine being able to share that in an auditorium with countless seats. The spotlight is on you; now is your chance to make an impact. You are confident your message will change lives.

You step up behind the podium, notes in hand, nervous but determined.

Before you can say a word, your index cards fall on the ground, scattering everywhere.

By the time you pick them back up, beads of sweat are forming on your forehead.

Worse, your index cards are still out of order. And you didn’t practice your speech!

You look up, hoping to find the right words to speak to your insightful knowledge.

Only to find that every single seat is empty. 

This is what it feels like to try and promote your brand online without a strategy.

You may feel like you’re spinning your wheels trying to build a personal brand, shouting into the void of the internet, hoping for the best.

You see experts in your niche and fear you will never be seen. Why put in the work if your message will never have an audience?

This stems from the unfounded belief that you must be THE expert on a topic before sharing your message or turning a profit.

Creating a successful personal brand is about finding out how to uniquely share your message the way only you can. Then execute your plan to build your audience and consistently give them value thanks to your marketing strategy.

That’s where our guide How to Build a Profitable Personal Brand From Scratch, comes in.

At Leverage Creative Group, we help clients reach audiences with their expertise.

We have honed the marketing strategy for years, finding the best approach.

And now that proven, repeatable system is available to you.

In How to Build a Profitable Personal Brand From Scratch, you'll discover...

  • How to curate your brand’s identity
  • The 6 elements of every successful brand
  • The process of homing in on exactly who your customer is (and what they want)
  • A proven method to create an email list that cultivates brand loyalty
  • How to consistently create valuable content to build audience trust
  • How to create a digital product that actually sells

This book is meant to break down every aspect of building your brand. It's content marketing, email list building, and copywriting all rolled into one.

Adam Welcome

"In just 7 months, Leverage Creative Group helped me build my blog from 20 organic visitors per month to over 1,000 and get over 800 new email subscribers.”

Carol M Swain
Dr. Carol Swain

"Leverage Creative Group worked with me on a personal branding campaign. I found the series of strategic meetings with their team extremely beneficial. In less than a week after the release of my eBook, my subscribers increased by 1,034! The list continues to grow each time I promote the eBook."

People have paid us $1,000s to implement these strategies for can access this knowledge for only $27

You can try to hunt through the vast ocean of information when you Google “personal branding” and put the puzzle pieces together, hoping to have a plan that works out.

Or you can take advice straight from the experts that have put the proven strategy all into one 45 page book.

Stop crossing your fingers, hoping to find a way to build your brand, and start building it with the proven framework.