84 Blog Topic Ideas That Will Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Coming up with blog topic ideas can be tough.

Maybe you’ve just started your blog. Maybe you’re not even sure where to begin.

Or perhaps you’ve been blogging for months or years. You feel like you have nothing left to say.

There are loads of lists of blog ideas out there, but frankly, some of them aren’t going to be a lot of help. A generic list of ideas won’t necessarily have much that fits well with your niche. They might be good creative writing prompts or interesting ideas for journaling … but they’re not going to help you meet your blogging goals.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of blog topic ideas, divided up by niche. For each topic idea, we’ve also recommended other niches that it would work well for.

Before we go too far, let’s recap what a blogging niche is and why you need one.

Why Do You Need a Blogging Niche?

A blogging niche is where your blog fits online.

Imagine a bookstore: different books belong on different shelves. You wouldn’t find the cooking books right in the middle of the true crime stories, or the autobiographies jumbled up with the parenting guides.

And you definitely wouldn’t be likely to find a book that brought together recipes, true crime, autobiography, and parenting all in one volume. (But if you did, you might read that book, mightn’t you…)

It’s the same with your blog. You don’t want to jumble lots of very different topics and ideas into a single blog — readers won’t know what to expect and you’ll struggle to build an audience.

While some blogs — particularly lifestyle blogs — do bring in a diverse range of very different ideas, it’s easiest to succeed as a blogger when you have a clear niche.

But Chase, you say, my content is for the world. It very well might be, but the world won’t find out about it until your niche does. So, start in the niche. Earn market share there, and then expand. Even Oprah didn’t start out on national television.

So what might that niche look like?

Types of Popular Blogs

If you want to make money blogging, or even simply build a name for yourself online, it’s important to pick a niche that’s generating traffic.

There are a few different ways to do that. You could focus on a niche that’s:


Plenty of blogs focus on specific industries. For instance, you might run a blog that’s all about healthcare, cybersecurity, real estate, hospitality, or any largish industry.


Other blogs concentrate on hobbies, like photography, golf, creative writing, baking, craft, or almost anything else you can think of. Travel, lifestyle, beauty, and sports are all big niches here.


Another approach to finding your niche is to focus your blog on a specific audience. This is a great option if you want to write about a range of topics. For instance, your blog might be aimed at college students, young-at-heart retirees, new parents, or people struggling with depression.


Other blogs keep their readers up-to-date with the latest developments in a particular topic area. They might cover current events quite broadly, or delve into hobby or industry news, such as the latest gaming releases and rumors.

Blog topic ideas for writers

List of Blog Topic Ideas to Try Today

Ready for some blog topic ideas that you can try out on your blog straight away?

Here’s our list, divided up by some of the most popular niches out there. Plenty of these topics work across multiple niches, too, which we’ve indicated in the list.

NOTE: before deciding on writing a post on a particular topic, you will also want to look at the traffic potential using a tool like Ahrefs or Google Keywords. I can’t tell you how many times I think of a blog topic that nobody wants to read about nor are they searching for it. So, you’ll want to square the topic idea with a keyword that’s generating traffic.


If you want to write about small businesses, making money online, side hustles, startups, running a growing company, or anything along those lines, this is the niche for you. You can also use these as digital marketing blog topic ideas.

How To Guides

This type of blog topic fits in almost every niche. For the entrepreneurship niche, try guides like:

  • How to Finally Start Your Own Business
  • How to Make Your First $100 Online
  • How to Get Your First Clients/Customers
  • How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

How to guides are also great for personal finances, personal development, health and fitness, food, and parenting niches … along with any niche where you’re teaching readers how to do something.

Lists of Ideas

Again, this is another topic you can use across multiple niches. For an audience of entrepreneurs, you could try topics like:

  • X Businesses You Can Start With No Money
  • X Ways to Make More Time for Your Small Business
  • X Side Hustles to Try if You’re Great at Writing
  • X Tips for Growing Your Business Faster

Lists work well in pretty much every niche you can think of! They can be serious, funny, quick, in-depth – this is a very flexible format.

Ultimate Guide

Ultimate guides are like how-to guides on steroids. They cover all the basics of a particular topic and they’re great posts to link back to from elsewhere on your website. How about:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Small Business
  • The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Your First Employee
  • The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online
  • The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Virtual Assistant

Ultimate guides are a great choice for lots of other niches too, especially personal finances, personal development, and health and fitness.

Personal Finances

We all need money to survive — and personal finance is a huge niche, along with topics like saving, investing, buying property, and much more.

What is X

People are often looking for definitions, especially in niches like personal finance where there might be unfamiliar terms and jargon. You could write posts like:

  • What is a Credit Score?
  • What is Probate?
  • What is a Trust?
  • What is an Asset?

This type of post also works really well in the entrepreneurship, health and fitness, and food niches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Another great angle to take with personal finance is to tackle common questions that people often search for. How about:

  • How Do I Improve My Credit Score?
  • What Does “Investing” Mean?
  • What is Good Debt vs Bad Debt?
  • How Much Should I Save for Retirement?

Pretty much every niche has frequently asked questions, but this type of post can work especially well in the entrepreneurship, personal development, health and fitness, food, and parenting niches.

Case Studies

Case studies or personal stories can work really well in all sorts of niches, but they can be particularly inspirational and helpful in personal finance. You might feature a reader’s story or your own.

  • How I Cleared $60,000 of Debt in Just One Year
  • How John Doe Turned His Finances Around – Starting With a Budget
  • From Broke to Business-Owner: One Woman’s Inspiring Story
  • X Personal Finances Lessons Learned in X Years

Case studies or personal stories can work in every niche, though it’s worth thinking about what type of story will best resonate with your audience.

Personal Development

Many people are interested in personal development or self-improvement of some type. That could mean addressing one specific area of their life (like quitting smoking or losing weight) or it might be more holistic. Personal development topic ideas include:

Expert Roundups

Bringing together a bunch of experts in your niche is a great way to share useful advice with your readers along with raising your profile in your niche. You could try posts like:

  • X Productivity Experts Share Their Best Time Management Tips
  • We Interviewed X Weight-Loss Experts: Here’s What They (Almost) All Agreed On
  • X Mental Health Experts Share Their Advice for Getting Through Tough Times
  • X Top Bloggers Share Their Morning Routines

Expert roundups are a great choice in niches with a lot of big-name bloggers, YouTubers, or social media influencers, as you can benefit from their name recognition and audience.

Resource Lists

Putting together a list of resources saves you from coming up with lots of ideas of your own — plus it’s really handy for readers. This type of post is likely to get bookmarked and shared again and again.

  • X Top Books on Time Management
  • X Can’t-Miss Personal Development Podcasts
  • X Apps That Will Make You More Creative
  • X Blogs to Help You Improve Your Most Important Relationships

Resource lists are helpful for many niches, particularly entrepreneurship, personal finances, health and fitness, and parenting.

Problems and Solutions

This type of post not only explores a common problem but also offers a solution. It’s a great way to show readers that they’re not alone in their struggles – and to give them hope that they can change.

  • X Signs You’re Sabotaging Your Success … and How to Stop
  • X Distractions That Are Killing Your Focus … and How to Resist Them
  • Why You Always Feel Tired in the Mornings … and What to Do About It
  • X Reasons You Procrastinate … and How to Get Moving Instead

This type of post can work well in lots of niches where readers may feel that they’re struggling to get something right, especially entrepreneurship, personal finances, health and fitness, and parenting.

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is another enormous niche, encompassing a range of topics from weight loss to advanced fitness tips and techniques. It can potentially fit under the personal development umbrella, but is likely to have a much keener focus on physical health.


Interviews let you bring in an expert and ask them all the questions that you’re struggling to answer! If you don’t have a health or fitness qualification yourself, then interviews are a great way to bring on board the expertise that makes you look more professional.

  • Interview With John Doe, Personal Trainer
  • X Things We Learned From Sam Jones, Weight-Loss Coach
  • Your Questions Answered by Marathon Runner Amy Smith
  • X Fitness Problems Solved With Adam Williams

You can run interviews in lots of niches, particularly those where there are big-name YouTubers, bloggers, or other influencers who you’d like to bring onto your blog.

Debunking Myths

Debunking myths or clearing up misconceptions can be a real service to your reader — and this type of post may get shared a lot, too.

  • “You Shouldn’t Work Out in the Evenings” and X Other Workout Myths Debunked
  • Do You Really Need to Take 10,000 Steps Every Day?
  • The Truth About Drinking Water: Do You Really Need 8 Glasses Per Day?
  • X Common Myths About the Gym … and the Reality

Myth-busting can be especially helpful in niches like personal finances, food, and parenting, where readers may have picked up a lot of preconceptions that should be challenged.


Although infographics have waned in popularity in recent years, they’re still well worth considering for your blog. A good infographic can get across a lot of information fast — and they can be great resources for readers to keep coming back to.

  • Infographic: The X Best Exercises to Target Your Abs
  • The ABCs of Great Nutrition [Infographic]
  • The Main Components of Fitness [Infographic]
  • How to Stay Healthy at Work: Infographic


Food blogs are very popular, especially those that showcase beautiful photos of food or share great recipes. You’ll want to think about how to make your food blog stand out, as this can be a crowded niche.


One of the most obvious post topics for a food blog is recipes. Most food blogs share recipes of some kind – and some are devoted almost entirely to recipes. You’ll want to think about how to make your recipes unique, maybe through really easy-to-follow instructions, fully costed ingredients, or unique twists on conventional dishes.

  • Seasonal Fruit Pie Recipe: My Favorite Way to Use Up Fruit That’s Going Soft
  • XX Easy and Cheap Recipes for College Students
  • How to Bake Your First Ever Sponge Cake [Recipe With Step-by-Step Instructions]
  • My Best Ever Chocolate Cake Recipe [With Photos]

Recipes are most commonly found on food blogs, though you could also try them out for a health and fitness or parenting blog.

Series of Posts

Writing a series of linked posts can be great for drawing readers further into your blog. It also often makes it easier to come up with content. You could publish posts back-to-back in a series, or you could have a series that runs on a monthly or weekly basis. On a food blog, you might consider a series of things like:

  • Easy Pudding Recipes
  • Themed Dinner Nights (e.g. Mexican night, Indian night)
  • What to Do With <X Ingredient>
  • X Seasonal Ingredients to Enjoy During <Month>

You can write a series of posts on any type of blog, and they can work well even on more personal/lifestyle blogs.

Book Reviews

If you enjoy reading food-related books, why not review them on your blog? This can be good for your SEO, as people will often search for reviews of a book before purchasing it – and they can help you bring in affiliate income too. Try posts like:

  • What I Thought of <Book Title> and Why I Recommend Reading It
  • X Of My Favorite Easy Dinner Recipe Books [Reviewed]
  • Book of the Month: <Book Title> [Reviewed]
  • The Best Recipe Books of <Year>, Reviewed

Book reviews work in most niches, so long as the books you’re reviewing are on-topic. You could also review products, software, or pretty much anything else that might be of interest to your readers.


The parenting industry is another huge one, with blogs devoted to every stage from pregnancy to empty-nesters. Plenty of the post topics we’ve already covered could work well for a parenting blog, but there are a few extra topics you’ll want to try out as well.

Troubleshooting Guides

Troubleshooting guides might be most often associated with tech/gadget blogs, but they can also be hugely helpful for parents. Often, parents will search online for advice with tricky issues, especially if they’re struggling to figure out the underlying cause of a problem, so producing troubleshooting guides can help bring in that search traffic. Try:

  • X Unexpected Reasons You’re Having Potty Training Problems (From Parents Who’ve Been Through It All)
  • Your Child Isn’t Progressing Well at School: How to Pinpoint the Cause … and Turn Things Around
  • X Underlying Reasons Your Child Might Be Sleeping Badly
  • How to Figure Out if Your Kid is Just Being a Typical Teen (or If Something More Serious is Going On)

Troubleshooting guides work well for any niche where readers might be stuck on a problem. Health and fitness, personal development, and personal finances are all areas where you try out this blog topic.


We’re all intrigued by secrets, and one way to get clicks on your blog post title is to promise to reveal secrets in your niche. Parents, in particular, may feel like they’re out of their depth or missing some tricks in their parenting, so try the “secrets” topic format to tap into that.

  • X Secrets to Raising a Well-Mannered Child
  • The X Secrets Other Parents Never Talk About
  • X Secrets About Your Child’s First Year That You Need to Know
  • X Secrets of Raising Kids Who Become Successful Adults

You can use a “secrets” style post in any niche, whether you’re revealing your own secrets, or little-discussed facts in your niche. 


Another great type of post to use on your parenting blog is a checklist. Parents are often in a hurry and looking for resources that they can use straight away — and a checklist is a great way to offer something useful and (crucially!) fast to put into practice. Consider:

  • The Ultimate Chores Checklist to Keep Your Household Running Smoothly
  • A Printable Before-School Checklist for Your Kids
  • Your Summer Checklist for Making Memories
  • Avoid Overwhelm With This Holiday Checklist

Checklists can work well in several niches, and they’re especially useful in the entrepreneurship, personal finances, and health and fitness niches

Lifestyle / Influencer

The lifestyle or influencer niche is a little different from the others on our list. It’s personality-driven, so it can take in a wide range of topics — but in general, lifestyle blog topic ideas can include things like fashion, travel, personal stories, beauty, food, dating, arts and entertainment, and daily life.

Gift Ideas

Lists of gift ideas can be useful in any niche, but if you’re writing a lifestyle blog, they’re a great way to monetize through affiliate marketing. Try:

  • XX Beautiful Gifts That Are a Pleasure to Give (and Receive)
  • XX Easy Gift Ideas When Life is Busy
  • XX Gifts for That “Hard to Buy For” Person in Your Life
  • Your Christmas List, Sorted: XX of My Favorite Gifts, Rated

Gift ideas can work well in many niches, though they’re a particularly good fit for health and fitness, food, and parenting blogs.

Product Recommendations

Many lifestyle bloggers and influencers monetize through product recommendations, often being given products for free by big brands. It’s important to only recommend products that you genuinely like: if you recommend a substandard product or one you’ve never used, you may get a backlash if readers try it and find that it’s not much good.

  • Why I Love <Product> (and Why I Think You Will, Too)
  • My Daily Beauty Routine From Start to Finish
  • Never Be Late Again With This Incredible Alarm Clock
  • Shop These 10 Party Outfits For Your Next Big Night Out

You can write product recommendations in any niche, though in some niches, you might want to take a more balanced approach where you also talk about any negatives or drawbacks.

Personal Stories

The lifestyle niche is particularly well geared up to personal stories and information about how you live from day to day. Readers are likely to feel a sense of connection to you as a person — and may be eager to hear every little detail about your life.

  • X Things You Didn’t Know About Me
  • My First Three Jobs … and What They Taught Me
  • What Happened After I Quit My Job
  • How My Typical Day REALLY Looks

You can use personal stories in almost all other niches, if this sort of sharing fits well with your brand.

Digital marketing blog topic ideas

Ready to Fill Your Editorial Calendar With Blog Topic Ideas?

Now that you’ve got a ready made list of blog post topic ideas, it’s easy to pick a few to fill up your content calendar. All these topics can easily be repeated time and time again.

For instance, if you’re a food blogger, you might want to post roughly twice weekly and have a monthly schedule like this, taking most of your topics from the “Food” category but also adding in some other types of posts:

Post 1. Seasonal food of the month

Post 2. Breakfast recipe

Post 3. Food myth debunked (from the Health and Fitness topics category)

Post 4. Lunch recipe

Post 5. Cooking problems solved (from the Personal Development topics category)

Post 6. Dinner recipe

Post 7. Review of a food book

Post 8. Dessert recipe

Posting regularly, and writing posts that are designed to get readers’ interest and bring in traffic, is a great way to get more traffic. For other tips, check out our post on how to increase blog traffic — and you’ll soon see your blog audience grow.